Fisher Cast Steel is proud to serve a diverse range of industries, bringing each one the same top quality products, services and customer care.

Here are a few of the industries we supply most often:

Pump & Valve Castings

Fisher has over 60 years of experience casting stainless and steel parts for the pump and valve market. Oil, gas, fracking, municipal, desalination, chemical, nuclear and waste are a few of the industries that depend heavily on pump and valve cast parts. Impellers, caps and housings may also be required for these applications.

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Power Generation

Fisher has manufactured stainless and carbon steel castings for the power generation industry since its inception. Hydro, natural gas, nuclear and coal power generation customers have relied on Fisher’s experience and service for decades.

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Aerospace Tooling

Fisher Cast Steel has a long history of casting components for the commercial and government aircraft tooling industry. Parts cast are used to form, heat treat or fixture for the aircraft manufacturing process. Fisher has supplied tooling to many of the world’s largest aerospace manufacturers and government entities.

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Hydro Power

Fisher Cast Steel's experience with hydroelectric or hydropower stainless and steel castings dates back to our origin. Our knowledge of these critical components and quality requirements is paramount to our customer's success.

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Pulp & Paper

Fisher Cast Steel has long supplied the pulp and paper making industry with cast parts in stainless and carbon steel shipped throughout the world. Equipment for new plants as well as short lead time, replacement, parts is common.

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Industrial Equipment

Fisher Cast Steel has produced stainless and carbon steel castings used in heavy machinery and processing equipment used around the world. Industries such as polymer or rubber, oil seed, ethanol, medical, food, chemical and cement are examples.

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Fisher has been one of our go to foundries not only for small to medium casting that have critical lead times but in general. They have great lead times with good quality and a great reputation for being on time. Highly recommended.

— Commodity Manager, Power Generation Equipment Manufacturer