Industrial Equipment

Fisher Cast Steel produces large and small stainless and carbon steel castings for heavy machinery and processing equipment used around the world.

Fisher fits the industrial equipment market due to our large selection of cast alloys. Austenitic, martensitic, duplex, hastelloy, nickel based, cobalt, abrasion resistant and low alloy carbon steel can be specified for this equipment. Fisher’s pouring and heat treating capabilities give us the capability to meet nearly any customer requirement.

Fisher works directly with equipment engineers to design the mostly effective part for each application. In tandem with Solidworks CAD and MAGMASOFT simulation software, Fisher can help bridge rough design to finished part. Our experience with the various methods of casting, give us the ability to help our customer choose the best option.

Fisher Cast Steel manufactures various grades of cast stainless steel including 304/CF3 or CF8, 316/CF3M or CF8M, 2507, 2205, CD4MCuN, CW12MW, CN7M, Duplex, 17-4PH, CA6NM, Hastelloy. Low alloy grades of carbon steel including WCB, WCC, LCB, LCC are cast on a regular basis as well. See a complete list of alloys poured.

Casting sizes range from 1 – 8,500 lbs. Fisher has in-house NDT capabilities to ensure parts meet required specifications.